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  1. Newshound
    Weblog of hunting-related news and commentary, especially as they relate to the various Bills in government. In date sequence.
    Categories: News and Media, News and Media, News and Media
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  2. Scotsman Cheers as saltires join the voices of protest
    Edward Black. Why the countryside people of Scotland marched in the Liberty and Livelihood March.

  3. Guardian Scotland bans fox-hunting
    Kirsty Scott. Even its supporters say the bill is a tortuous piece of legislation, riddled with potential loopholes, but the intent is clear mounted fox-hunting, fox-baiting and hare-coursing will be a criminal offence in Scotland punishable by a 5,000 fine or up to six months in jail. There will be no compensation for those affected by the ban.,649809,00.html

  4. news main.jhtml xml news 2001 12 05 n...
    By Tom Peterkin, Scottish Political Correspondent. Members of the Scottish Parliament's rural development committee voted six to five against an amendment proposing that the Scottish Executive subsidise those whose livelihoods will be destroyed when the Bill goes through parliament.

  5. Guardian Scottish hunts prepare for last hurrah
    Kirsty Scott. A bill to ban mounted fox hunting in Scotland, the first part of the UK to prohibit the practice, is expected to become law some time next year.,00.html

  6. BBC MSPs consider anti-hunt bill
    A bill to ban fox hunting north of the border starts its passage through the Scottish Parliament.

  7. Economist Riding for a fall
    Foxhunting is already banned in Scotland, but because of a pest control loophole the hunts continue pretty much as before.

  8. The Scotsman Duke in Pledge to Save his Hunt
    Edward Black. More than 200 riders and over a thousand supporters attended the meet of the Duke of Buccleuch's Hunt at Ettrick Forest. The next meet will be held in the courts.
    Categories: March
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  9. Scotland on Sunday Anger as hunt forced to disband
    Frank Hurley. The historic Dumfriesshire Hunt in Scotland, which has been in existence for 150 years, has disbanded its pack of 80 dogs, the first victim of the Scottish parliament's legislation against hunting foxes with dogs.

  10. The Scotsman Hunting Ban will not End Problems
    Hamish MacDonell. Discusses the problems of enforcement, compensation and the bill as amended, as hunting itself was not made illegal.

  11. Guardian Unlimited - Switch to Shooting Means More Foxes ...
    Description of the current situation in Scotland where all 10 Scottish mounted hunts have survived in a different incarnation of using hounds to flush foxes to guns. The number of foxes being killed has almost doubled, from 500 a year to 900.,00.html
    Categories: 2004
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  12. The Scotsman Fox-manglers Rally for the Tally-ho Debate
    Robert McNeil. Mike Watson Lab , proposer of the bill to ban the frightful hobby, seemed heartily tired of it.

  13. The Scotsman - Opinion - This Bill on Fox Hunting is a Le...
    By Angus Glennie, Queen's Counsel, about the serious legal problems with the current Bill.

  14. BBC News - In Depth The Future of Hunting
    An ongoing collection of news, commentary, video, audio, interviews, forum and web resources.
    Categories: News and Media, News and Media
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  15. Guardian Scots take stock a year after hunt ban
    Gerard Seenan. Things are done in the countryside for a reason. You can't just come in and change it and expect there to be no consequences.,00.html
    Categories: 2003, July
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  16. Scotland on Sunday Capercaillie Face Fox Snare Threat
    Jeremy Watson. The European Union, which has put 2.5m into a capercaillie protection programme in Scotland, has urged the Scottish Executive to reduce the death toll of the capercaillie from the huge rise in the number of fox snares being set by gamekeepers legally to protect the red grouse.
    Categories: 2003
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  17. Chesterfield Local News, Sports news, Charity news and Co...
    Local Chesterfield News from The Chesterfield Post. Local News, Sports news, Charities, Community issues and Forum for Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.

  18. Keywords driving traffic to sites in the Regional Europe ...
    Discover what popular keywords drive search engine traffic to web sites in the Regional Europe United Kingdom Recreation and Sports Sports Country Sports Protection of Wild Mammals Bill-Scotland News and Media 2002 category.