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  1. Photocopiers Norwich Copiers in Norwich Norfolk Suffolk C...
    Photostatic are leading suppliers of photocopiers, Duplicators and Laser Printers in Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich, covering the whole of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

  2. Computer Rental UK - laptop hire - apple rental - scanner...
    PC and Apple computer rental and IT peripheral hire available from 3 days to 3 years with next day nationwide delivery

  3. Quality CRM solutions from Concentrix - Concentrix
    Leading UK independent CRM specialists and experts in Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Frontrange Goldmine. Comprehensive services include business process analysis, implementation, training and support.

  4. MJS - Computer services to Witney and beyond
    MJS - Computer services to Witney and beyond dynamic database driven web design, server building and installation, networking design installation and expansion, broadband and wifi, system building repair and upgrade, virus recovery .

  5. Apple - Play music and more on iPod.
    Learn about iPod, Apple TV, and more. Download iTunes for free and purchase iTunes Gift Cards. Check out the most popular TV shows, movies, and music.

  6. Layercom - Network design and installation LTD
    Network design and installation for your business.

  7. Laptop
    There are companies like Sony vaio, Dell laptops, IBM thinkpad, Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple, Compaq, Fujitsu laptop, Acer laptop, Samsung Q1, hp pavilion and many more..
    Categories: Systems
    Contributor: michaleshane
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  8. Handheld PC bridges digital divide
    Indian scientists invent cheap device enabling poor and illiterate to surf internet. The Guardian,518681,00.html

  9. MacUser UK
    UK-based Macintosh magazine, with news, reviews, columns and classifieds. Registration required free .

  10. Drobe Launch Pad
    The launch pad to the net for RISC OS users worldwide. Portal including Acorn, technology, and general news.

    Sharp Electronics UK Ltd - Manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, including palmtops, organisers, printers, copiers, fax, MiniDisc, DVD, VCR and microwaves. Now includes the facility to buy accessories online.
    Categories: Sharp
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  12. Octopus Systems
    Software developers and computer consultancy. Also acorn computer dealers. Products include teletext, caller display and lindos la100 audio test software. Includes description of services and contact details.

  13. 4Mation Educational Resources
    An interactive educational adventure. Lists literacy products, early year products, maths products and history products.

  14. DoggySoft Software
    A range of public domain programming utilities, including WimpSWIVe, a programmer's support module that provides a full dynamic pre-trapping and post-trapping vector chain for Wimp SWIs.

  15. Precedence Technologies Ltd
    Continue to manufacture and support Acorn and Xemplar Network Computers NC'S , Cambridge.

  16. Caller Display 2
    Displays your caller's details the instant the telephone rings
    Categories: Comms
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  17. Pennine Software
    Consultancy situated in rural Teeside.

  18. RB-MPW Plug-ins Kit
    This site is for developers who want to use Apple's MPW to compile REALbasic plug-ins.

  19. Bubble Impact
    Fast moving, arcade-style game for up to two players.
    Categories: Games
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  20. KiSSTools
    A set of file conversion utilities to enable RISC OS users to create and edit their own dolls. Provides conversion from CEL to Sprite, Sprite to CEL, KCF to Palette, and Palette to KCF.

  21. Monolith
    Freeware MIDI music playback module for RISC OS. Includes a desktop front end.
    Categories: MIDI
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  22. EvenMore Textviewer
    Support site for the excellent EvenMore textviewer on the Amiga. Highly configurable and user-friendly.

  23. Autorun and Mac
    Tips on how to autorun files from a Macintosh.

    Any1There - printer port monitor and RandomNo - random number generator.

  25. Image Software
    RiscStation Dealer, Poole, Dorset.

  26. Etc
    RISC OS systems purveyor based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

  27. ZSock
    Details of a work-in-progress TCP IP stack for the portable Cambridge Z88 computer.
    Categories: Z88
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  28. NewsNow
    Mac OS headlines from other web sites.

  29. ButtonBar
    Add button bars to any program which uses keyboard shortcuts.

  30. Clic
    Educational Software developer, for English and Welsh languages.

  31. Indian handheld to tackle digital divide
    Indian scientists and engineers develop a handheld computer to help the poor and illiterate join the information age. BBC News

  32. Vulcan Software
    Publishers of Genetic Species, Uropa2 and Final Odyssey. Many Amiga games will soon be made available for free download.

  33. BatchPrnt
    Print multiple copies of a single document in the background.

  34. NewsNow
    Mac OS headlines from other web sites.

    Utility to be used in conjunction with SNA format snapshot files. Allows the user to browse through the sprites, screens and graphics from favourite Spectrum classics. For MS-DOS, Windows and Amiga

  36. MelIDI
    Advanced MIDI and Audio sequencer.
    Categories: MIDI
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    UK supplier of specialist engineering, design and technical services Worldwide. Use ProCAD .

  38. CheckWeb
    Freeware HTML link checking program.
    Categories: HTML
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  39. Amiga Nutta
    News and reviews of Amiga games. Also offers an IRC channel and mailing list.
    Categories: Games
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  40. Tortoisesoft Enterprises Puzzler
    Educational and recreational program which creates a multi-piece rectangular shaped puzzle from any picture. Generates puzzles with between two or one hundred pieces in any screen mode and can save part done screens for later.
    Categories: Games
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  41. R-Comp Krisalis CD
    Collection of Krisalis games updates for the StrongARM processor and RISC OS 4. Also includes full versions of some others.
    Categories: Games
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  42. CTA Direct
    Tylesley, Manchester

  43. Sabre Wulf
    PC-based remake of the classic Ultimate game.

  44. The YS Rock'n'Roll Years
    A website dedicated to Your Sinclair magazine, covering news and reviews between 1986 and 1993. Contains hundreds of original articles, plus has a one-touch interface with the World Of Spectrum archive for each of the games mentioned.

  45. Borcherds
    BBC and Spectrum Emulators and Dynamic Geometry for RISC OS

  46. CJE Micros
    Award-winning dealer based in Worthing, Sussex.

  47. Iain's C64 Pages
    Information on classic games with screenshots, covers and files. Also magazine archive with information and articles from Zzap 64, Commodore User and Commodore Format.
    Categories: Games
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  48. Lightsoft Assembler
    A Mac PPC based assembler, good for hard core programmers who don't know how to say no to optimization.

    Creator of unusual software for the Palm Pilot and other platforms. Download Voodoo Doll here. Home of Sickpuppy News.

  50. Windows vs Apple
    A PC using staff member trades with a Mac writer for week, and both report their experiences.