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  1. TaxPayers' Alliance
    Independent campaign for lower taxes.
    Categories: Taxation
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  2. Accountancy Age Tax Section
    Tax news, tools and information from the magazine Accountancy Age.

  3. Want to Pay More Tax
    A short essay on the effect of proposed tax harmonisation from the Eurosceptic group New Alliance .

  4. TV Licensing mini-FAQ
    Covers if one needs a TV licence in order to own a TV or player, plus a campaigner's legal research and an article on a prosecution.

  5. EU companies favour tax harmony
    European companies believe that tax harmonisation across the European Union will benefit them more than any other measure imposed on the single market.

  6. EU Corporate Tax Reform Progress and New Challenges
    Text of a speech by Frits Bolkestein, the European Commissioner in charge of Taxation, in December 2003 arguing that EU tax reform is not harmonisation.

  7. Lib Dems vote to axe council tax
    Delegates at the Liberal Democrat conference back calls for the abolition of council tax.

  8. Debate on the European Tax Harmonisation Veto Bill
    Hansard Text on the House of Lords debate.

  9. BBC News Euro latest Q and A Tax harmonisation
    An introduction to the basics of tax harmonisation in a FAQ format. By Jonathan Charles, Europe Business correspondent for the BBC.

  10. Taxing Europe
    An introduction to the issue from the BBC.

  11. Tax shock for small businesses
    Buried in the small-print of the pre-Budget report is a controversial new proposal which could affect 300,000 small businesses by cracking down on the use of dividends to lower the National Insurance burden on owners.

  12. ic Wales - Councils owed 60m in 'inefficient, unfair tax'
    COUNCILS in Wales are owed 60m in council tax arrears, it was claimed yesterday.

  13. Low Incomes Tax Reform Group
    A group that lobbies the government and the Inland Revenue to simplify tax rules and services for those on low incomes. The website contains their reports and recommendations. There are also a number of practical hints on the site for low income tax payers.

  14. BBC NEWS Business Middle classes lose out
    Middle income families will lose out from plans to freeze elements of the tax credits.

  15. Crackdown on property tax loophole
    Thousands of people could in future be forced to move out of their homes to avoid inheritance tax, following a crackdown on an increasingly popular tax loophole.

  16. Is the tax system too complex
    Is the tax benefit system too complicated to be of real benefit to people And is the system becoming much more complex under Gordon Brown A leading accountant assesses the tax landscape.

  17. What is 'Tax freedom day'
    Tax Freedom Day is the day on which the average UK taxpayer can expect to stop working for the government and instead begin earning money for themselves.

  18. Wikipedia Television Licensing in the United Kingdom
    Explanation of the system, legislation, falsification of confessions by Capita staff, and questions in parliament regarding intimidation.

  19. BBC In Depth - Tax and Inheritance
    The BBC's page devoted to tax and inheritance stories.

  20. Is It Fair
    A campaign to abolish the current system of council tax and replace it with one based on ability to pay.

  21. The Independent Newspaper - Tax
    Tax stories from the Independent arranged by date. A strong emphasis on tax advice.

  22. Taxed Enough
    Campaign for lower, fairer, simpler taxes. Community for views and advice.
    Categories: Taxation
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  23. Axe the Tax
    A Liberal Democrat campaign to replace the Council Tax with a local income tax.

  24. TaxAid
    A charity that offers up-to-date information and tax advice on tax matters to individuals on low and modest incomes.

  25. Are Gasoline Taxes in Britain Too High
    An article from the American magazine Challenge analysing the case for high petrol duties.
    Categories: Taxation
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  26. Tax Law Rewrite Project
    The Tax Law Rewrite is a project to make direct tax legislation clearer and easier to use, co-ordinated from the Inland Revenue.

  27. Should I pay council tax on an uninhabited house Money gu...
    I bought a house with my girlfriend and we completed in late July 2005. We are still not living in the property, yet have been paying full council tax since the purchase went through. According to our

  28. Student Accommodation from Liberty Living Glossary and FAQ
    Liberty Living Glossary and FAQ. We provide affordable student accommodation across the UK

  29. Clive Betts localisation of council tax benefit is a risk...
    In its latest report, the communities and local government select committee claims councils faced with difficult choices could be forced to slash support for the unemployed

  30. Radical tax reforms needed to fix housing system, says re...
    Major amendments to the council tax system would make system fairer and less volatile, reports Liam Kelly

  31. Income Tax in Common Law Jurisdictions Volume 1, From the...
    Income Tax in Common Law Jurisdictions Volume 1, From the Origins to 1820 v. 1 , Peter Harris, Law Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop
    Categories: Taxation
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  32. Understanding council tax - Council tax - Tax - Which Money
    What is council tax, why do we have to pay council tax. Which guide explains how property is taxed for council tax.

  33. Goodbye to localism as government tightens grip on local ...
    With council tax effectively frozen by the central government for two years, local councils are having a hard time raising cash

  34. International Commercial Tax - Blackwell's Bookshop Online
    International Commercial Tax, Peter Harris, David Oliver, Law Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  35. Social trends Society The Guardian
    Latest news and comment on Social trends from

  36. Council Tax consumer app of the week Money
    Discover how much council tax you will pay on a potential house purchase, or simply snoop on your neighbours and colleagues

  37. Ministers stall radical shake-up of council tax Money The...
    No revaluation or extra bands before at least 2011 Tourist tax and levies on charity shops also blocked

  38. Council tax - Tax - Which Money
    Council tax explained Which guide to how council tax bills are set, how the banding system works, who pays council tax and which properties are exempt What to do if you think you're due a council tax reduction Council tax payment methods Sanctions for non-payment of council tax

  39. Scotland to review council tax UK news Society Guardian
    An independent review to examine alternatives to council tax has been announced by the Scottish finance and public services minister, Andy Kerr, just as ministers in Westminster appear to be backing away

  40. International Corporate Taxation - Blackwell's Bookshop O...
    International Corporate Taxation, Miranda L. Brady, Samantha C. Hansen, Business and Economics Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  41. Personal Tax Planning Principles and Practice 2011 12 - B...
    Personal Tax Planning Principles and Practice 2011 12, Malcolm Finney, Business and Economics Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  42. Studies in the History of Tax Law - Blackwell's Bookshop ...
    Studies in the History of Tax Law, Tiley, Law Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  43. Tory council happily running 'conservatory tax' for past ...
    Homeowners in Conservative-run Uttlesford must enact basic energy-efficiency measures if they want to build extensions the same idea David Cameron just scrapped

  44. BBC NEWS The Reporters Evan Davis
    Visit BBC News for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, video, audio and feature stories. BBC News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives. Also entertainment, business, science, technology and health news.

  45. Income Tax
    Income Tax is the principal form of direct personal taxation in the UK.

  46. Lindsay Whittle s blog March 24 Comment CaerphillyObserve...
    News and Sport from Caerphilly, Blackwood, Bargoed, Ystrad Mynach, Caerphilly Observer

  47. These rubbish schemes that cost the Earth - Telegraph
    For centuries, rubbish has been at the very heart of the understood bargain between citizens and their civic authorities. Recently, however, something has gone horribly awry in that long-standing agreement.

  48. Tax relief on pension contributions Tax Donut
    Tax relief on pension contributions and tax planning opportunities

  49. Inherited Wealth - Blackwell's Bookshop Online
    Inherited Wealth, Jens Beckert, Law Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  50. Tax Efficient Will Drafting - Blackwell's Bookshop Online
    Tax Efficient Will Drafting, John Thurston, Business and Economics Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop