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  1. The north wind doth blow nursery rhyme lyrics with origin...
    The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow nursery rhyme lyrics with origins and history

  2. The Dying Hero
    Structuralist interpretation of the English ballad The Death of Robin Hood , with comparisons to nine similar stories told in Britain over the centuries.

  3. The Register - The Persistence of Hoax
    Story about old computer virus hoaxes and how people still fall for them.

  4. The Pentamerone - by Giambattista Basile
    Thirty two of the tales, following the translation by John Edward Taylor published in 1847.

  5. Wells-And-Spas Mailinglist
    For students of holy wells and waterlore.

  6. Background to Bulgarian Myth and Folklore
    An overview of the ancestral cultures and mythologies of Bulgaria.

  7. Mystical WWW Trees
    Information about tree symbolism and an A2Z on tree myths and folklore.
    Categories: Trees
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  8. BBC News Item - Fairy Fakes Sell for Fortune
    The original Cottingley fairy photographs were sold at an auction for 21,620 to British book-seller Simon Finch.

  9. White Dragon The Yew
    Myth, lore, and medical properties of the yew.
    Categories: Trees
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  10. National Centre for English Cultural Tradition
    Part of the University of Sheffield. Details of current research projects and courses offered.

  11. At the Edge Under the Greenwood Tree
    Article by Jeremy Harte on the imagery of the woodlands in medieval literature and folklore.
    Categories: Trees
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  12. Abducted by the Faeries
    Article by Jeremy Harte discussing abduction and changeling stories.

  13. Dark Green - Some Disturbing Thoughts About Fairies
    Article by Jeremy Harte discussing the appeal of the belief in fairies in the Victorian Age.

  14. Dragons of the British Isles
    Gazetteer of places associated with dragons.
    Categories: Dragons, Folklore
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  15. At the Edge Black Dogs Folklore
    Article by Bob Trubshaw on the black dog in folklore.

  16. At the Edge Archive Turf Labyrinths
    Article by Marilyn Clark describing Britain's eight remaining turf labyrinths and two former ones, with pictures.
    Categories: Folklore, Labyrinths
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  17. At the Edge Fairies and their Kin
    Article by Bob Trubshaw discussing fairies and the relation with ghosts, earthlights and abductions.

  18. Mongolian Folktales
    Introduction to Mongolian oral traditions with sample tales

  19. Arthurian Resources - Early Medieval Concepts of Arthur
    Essays analyzing the Arthurian sources, by Thomas Green.

  20. At the Edge Medieval Fairies - Now You See Them, Now You ...
    Article by Jeremy Harte proposing that the current image of fairies developed from 14th century literature.

  21. White Dragon Children of Arachne
    Article by Suzi Fovargue on spiders in European myth and folklore.

  22. Kilroy Was Here
    On the origin of the phrase and the accompanying image of Kilroy.

  23. The Morrison Collection - Dengmi Yadiao
    Collection of 67 Chinese lantern riddles in Chinese with introduction, from a collection of Chinese books at SOAS.

  24. Nursery Rhymes Lyrics and Origins
    Nursery rhymes with their history and origins.

  25. Heretic Emperor The Lost History of King Arthur
    Analysis of the Arthurian legend and its historical roots. The real King Arthur was guardian of an heretical British Church, his story erased from the record by history s victors.

  26. Mystical WWW King Arthur Fact, Semi-legend or Myth
    Crash course in all the names and legends.

  27. Ambiguity, Classification and Change The Function of Riddles
    Article by Ian Hamnett discussing how riddling reflects social structures, illustrated by Bantu riddles.

  28. BBC - h2g2 - Mermaids
    Guide to mermaids including mythology, modern science, literature, and anatomy.

  29. French Tongue-twisters
    Tongue twisters in French.

  30. Apotropaios
    Brian Hoggard describes and explains the history of house protection magic in Britain. Photographs of artefacts are presented and explanations for their use discussed.

  31. The Faust Legend
    Article by Lloyd Hawkins on the various historical expressions of Faust and history associated with the legends.
    Categories: Faust
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  32. King Arthur and the Legend of the Knights of the Round Table
    Information on the legend, history and geography of King Arthur and his knights.

  33. Fairy Tales
    Collection of fairy tales as originally edited by Andrew Lang, includes stories by Hans Christian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm.

  34. Mystical-WWW Full Moon Folklore
    UK folklore for the 10 days after a full moon.

  35. Andrew Lang 1844-1912
    Introduction to his life and list of his works.

  36. The Moon Astrology, History, Science and Myth
    Exploration into the biological effects and common folklore and traditions of the Moon.

  37. Jo Edkins's Maze Page
    An overview of forms, history, and possible interpretations of mazes and labyrinths, with diagrams.
    Categories: Tales
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  38. Changeling Legends from the British Isles
    Collection of this type of legends, with source data provided.
    Categories: Folklore
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  39. The Folklore of the British Isles
    Examines the folklore, tales and supernatural creatures of England, Scotland and Wales. From Mysterious Britain.
    Categories: Folklore
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  40. The Museum of Myth and Fable
    An education programme based on storytelling in The Morgan Library, Wem, Shropshire. Contact and event details.
    Categories: Folklore
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  41. Folklore Society
    Devoted to the study of traditional arts and crafts, customs, beliefs and folk medicine. Features membership information as well as details of the society's library, journal and awards.
    Categories: Folklore
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  42. At the Edge The Cosmic Mill
    Article by Alby Stone discussing the hand-mill as an image of the cosmos.
    Categories: Folklore
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  43. Children's Folklore - Blackwell's Bookshop Online
    Children's Folklore, Elizabeth Tucker, Literary Criticism Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  44. Dragon's Hoard - The Folklore of British Holy Wells
    Article on the folklore surrounding these wells, by Rowan in the White Dragon e-zine.
    Categories: Folklore
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  45. Paganism in British Folk Customs by Bob Trubshaw
    Article that contrasts the true remains of Pagan origins in the folk customs of England with those customs created or exaggerated through paganisation by Victorian romantic authors.
    Categories: Folklore
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  46. A Dictionary of World Mythology - Blackwell's Bookshop On...
    A Dictionary of World Mythology, Arthur Cotterell, Fiction Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop
    Categories: Tales
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  47. A Treasury of Afro-American Folklore The Oral Literature,...
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  48. A Dictionary of English Folklore - Blackwell's Bookshop O...
    A Dictionary of English Folklore, Simpson, Jacqueline Roud, Steve, Fiction Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  49. BBC - History - British History in depth Robin Hood and h...
    What is the historical fact behind the legend of Robin Hood

  50. Fantasy Fiction and Welsh Myth Tales of Belonging Paperba...
    This text examines how contemporary fantasy literature offers critical insights into western society and culture by drawing on the ancient myths of Wales. Fantasy Fiction and Welsh Myth Kath Filmer-Davies 9780333650295