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  1. YouTube Arena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold Stars
    Share your videos with friends, family and the world

  2. Sarcastic Bastard
    No matter how cynical you are, you can't keep up. A humorous site for entertainment and pop culture.

  3. free fun from lemmeout
    create funny pictures with interactive buddy LemMeOut watch his free animated movies to download to mobile or pc and send free e card greetings

    Joke site, links and forum.
    Categories: Humour
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    Share your shed with fellow shed fanciers.
    Categories: Humour
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  6. TTR2
    Video clip archive and blog with new viral material from the UK and around the world every day

    A British download site for fun images, video and executables.
    Categories: Humour
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  8. PatchedUp
    Featuring art pictures for sale, weird wide web, news and shop.
    Categories: Humour
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  9. Wreckered
    Satirical e-zine with sports, television and lifestyle sections.

  10. The Sleaze
    Incredible lies today - still bollocks tomorrow.

  11. The Online Net
    Part of a network of personal sites, humor and journals.

  12. Monkey Mania Primate Soundspage
    Sounds files of primate sounds including chimpanzees, baboons, gorillas and other monkeys

  13. Web Hobkirk
    Funny and humorous media clips, golf information and MS Flight Simulator.

  14. Brian's
    UK-based jokester presents crazy downloads, chat room, message boards, funny photos and links.

  15. Penance
    Alcohol humor, rednecks and sanity testing.

  16. Patently Absurd
    Absurd, weird and wacky patents, mainly from the UK Patent Office, also offering links to serious patent information.

  17. Dean and Nigel
    How to blend in by Dean and Nigel.
    Categories: Humour
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  18. Pete Kelly's
    E-mail Pete Kelly to get YOUR JOKES published. Includes yo-mama jokes.

  19. The Wymsey Chronicle
    A weekly newspaper that deals with the essense of English rural life.

  20. Scum Online
    Features business, bizarre, media and shite award.

  21. Andy's Anagram Solver
    Multilingual anagrams in English, French and Dutch created online.

  22. The Register BOFH
    The Bastard Operator from Hell. Official archive of episodes from 2000 onwards.

  23. Joke-Zone UK
    A collection of jokes on the net.

  24. Dancing Venus
    From the Monty Python archives.

  25. I Can't Colour In
    Flash and GIF animations with a gallery containing photography and cartoons.

  26. Past Life Finder
    A script that tells you who you were in a past life.

  27. Atkinson, Peter
    Downloads, links and trivia, aided by Captain Haddock.

  28. Hamburger UK
    Madcap interactive lists of food films, food songs, and the conveyor belt game.

  29. The Beige Site
    Everything that you want to know about old people including how much does one cost.

  30. BBC Jedi e-mail revealed as hoax
    Thousands of Britons receive an e-mail saying the Star Wars Jedi religion will be legally recognised if it has enough census mentions.

  31. You Must Be Joking
    This free jokes e-mailing list sends clean jokes three times a week to subscribers.

    Machine translation from Standard English into regional dialects of the UK and Ireland, as well as a couple joke translators.
    Categories: Dialects, English, Humour
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  33. RealHumor
    A humour portal with thousands of jokes and other articles, news, literature, and humor links.

    Jokes and free joke of the day by email.

  35. Rapid Mollusc
    This site contains the surreptitious thoughts of Jodhopper and Dr. T. Lunch which have coagulated in our pants for 3 centuries.

  36. EddNet Chemistry
    An insight into the world of the mad chemist. Find out how insane they really are.

  37. Jokes from Denis
    Joke site that isn't for the easily offended.

  38. Jokes and Funny Stories
    Family-friendly jokes arranged by topic.
    Categories: Clean
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  39. Grandma Alices crossword cracker
    Online crossword finisher and anagram solver.

  40. The End of the Internet
    Includes a link and a set of Javascript links.

  41. Anagram Journey
    Tour the Roman city of Chester with anagram interludes.

  42. Hypa Central
    Comedy from another planet. Includes weekly articles.

    Searchable, categorised and rated jokes.

  44. Anagram Choice
    Hundreds of anagrams for you to solve.

  45. Yorkshire Free Humour
    Humor with a Northern England twist and a self perception test.

  46. Broadswords and Bunnies
    A dedication to cute and cuddly things and metal harbringers of death.

  47. Doggieville
    Original humor to amuse your inner hamster.

  48. The Daily Mash
    British satire site offering funny stories on news, politics and sport, an agony aunt column and polls.
    Categories: E-Zines, Humour
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  49. The Anagram Page
    Monthly anagram puzzles plus anagrammed and headless cinema titles.

  50. BBC The gospel according to Luke Skywalker
    You may be a fan of the Star Wars films, but are you a follower Moves are afoot to have the fictitious Jedi philosophy the movies espouse recognised as a proper religion.