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  1. cerncourier CERN Courier
    CERN Courier latest issue

  2. English, Maths, Science, French and German Tutors in Manc...
    English, Maths, Science, French and German Tutors in Manchester, Liverpool and Cheshire - Help at all levels with Primary, Secondary and Adult Learning

  3. Diamond Light Source
    Diamond Light Source is a new scientific facility in South Oxfordshire on the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus. This giant machine, called a synchrotron, can be described as a series of super microscopes . It is housed in a futuristic doughnut-shaped building which covers the area of 5 football pitches. Diamond will ultimately host up to 40 cutting edge research stations, called beamlines, supporting the life, physical and environmental sciences.

    PVD coatings improve the corrosion, friction and wear properties of tools and components. Ths site provides a synopsis of the technique.

  5. Classical Dynamics
    A Cambridge University course with lecture notes, focussing on the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian approaches to classical mechanics.

  6. Queen Mary University of London Molecular and Materials P...
    Members, research details, studentships, seminars, industrial links.

  7. University of Cambridge - Cavendish Laboratory - High Ene...
    An overview of current experimental and theoretical research at the laboratory.

  8. University of Cambridge Cavendish Laboratory - Theory of ...
    These pages contain information on the research interests, members and publications of the group.

  9. University of Birmingham Theoretical Physics Research Group
    Members, research interests, publications, lectures, seminars and external links.

  10. University of Cambridge Semiconductor Physics
    The group at Cavendish Laboratory investigates fundamental electronic phenomena using advanced, often unique, semiconductor structures.

  11. University of St. Andrews - School of Physics and Astronomy
    Provides wide coverage of physics and astronomy for undergraduates, and significant research, but is small enough for staff and students to interact in ways that may not be possible elsewhere.

  12. University of Durham - Centre for Particle Theory CPT
    The CPT researches many aspects of Particle Physics from phenomenology to string theory. The site gives an account of these activities, and details of current members of staff.

  13. Cardiff University - Department of Physics and Astronomy
    Includes information about the department, admissions, teaching, research, and local resources.

  14. University of Cambridge - Cavendish Laboratory
    The department of physics at cambridge is known for the quality of its research and teaching. Details of both are given here.

  15. Jandel Engineering
    Manufacture probes for resistivity test measurement of semiconductors, silicon wafers and thin metal films. Based in Leighton Buzzard, UK.

  16. Hirst Magnetic Instruments
    Gaussmeters and hall probes for magnetic flux density measurments up to 3 Tesla in 1 micro Tesla steps. Axial and transverse probes avaiable.

  17. Theoretical Physics 2
    Includes past examination papers, handouts and course synopsis for this course.

  18. University of Aberdeen - School of Physics
    Features information regarding courses, entrance requirements, staff, and financial support. Also includes application guidelines for students outside of the European Union.

  19. Chemical Crystallography Lab, University of Oxford
    Research activities, staff contact information, software and photo galleries of the X-ray crystallography laboratory at the University of Oxford.

  20. University of Cambridge - Cavendish Laboratory - Astrophy...
    A wide-ranging program of research, including the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, situated at Lord's Bridge. Group members, research interests, publications, surveys and catalogues, other resources.

  21. University of Glasgow - Department of Physics
    Includes information on the research groups and courses offered, an introduction to the department, and details of colloquia.

  22. University of London, University College - HEP
    An explanation of the role this group plays with the ATLAS, CDF, Future Linear Collider, MINOS, OPAL and ZEUS experiments. The site also lists details of seminars, publications, conferences, and research studentships.

  23. University of Southampton - Department of Physics and Ast...
    Admissions information, student resources and details of both the research and staff .

  24. NBMP2
    North British Mathematical Physics Seminar. University of York 13 June 2002.

  25. UK Edinburgh
    Edinburgh Mathematical Physics Group, a group of mathematicians and physicists from across the Edinburgh Universities. People, research, seminars, jobs and resources.

  26. University of Oxford - Department of Physics
    A source of information on admissions, teaching and research at one of the largest departments in the United Kingdom.

  27. Biological and Soft Systems
    Details of current research projects, staff pages and contact information, a table of publications, and a list of upcoming seminars.

  28. Lancaster University - Department of Physics
    Research details, undergraduate and post-graduate opportunities, news, events and jobs.

  29. Birmingham University - Elementary Particle Physics Group
    The group works with the ALICE, ATLAS, BaBar, H1, NA57 and OPAL. Details of this work and the researchers are available.

    Provides ion sources, atom sources, gas crackers, evaporation sources, as well as other specialized UHV components for MBE and surface science requirements.

  31. Workshop on Integrable Systems
    University of Leeds, UK 6--7 March 1998.

  32. Quantum Gravity
    A site maintained by Cambridge University on advances in quantum theories of gravity.

  33. Department of Physics
    Teaching, research, seminars, members, report.

  34. Morton Design Gyroscopes
    Hand-built gyroscopes for demonstration and training at schools and universities.

  35. Queen's University of Belfast - Department of Mathematics...
    Details of the research divisions and teaching departments. Also a source of information for prospective students.

  36. Harry Collins's Gravitational Wave Project
    Website about a long-running project on sociological aspects of the search for gravitational waves Cardiff University . Includes some preprints and articles, as well as summaries of the different parts of the project.

  37. Physics Web
    News, information, online products and services from the UK Institute of Physics.
    Categories: Physics
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  38. CrystalMaker Software
    Real-time photo-realistic crystal structures program for Macintosh. Download a demo version - plus our free diffraction software and QuickTime VR movies.

  39. Concentration Heat and Momentum Ltd
    CHAM is an engineering consultancy and software company providing flow-simulation services and a software package PHOENICS. Based in Wimbledon, London, UK.

  40. University of Cambridge Polymers and Colloids Group
    The group at the Cavendish Laboratory aims to study, via experiment, theory and computer modelling, a diverse range of phenomena at the mesoscale.

  41. Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, Univers...
    Department has a broad range of interests Biomedical Optics Radiation Physics Quantitative Medical Imaging Incontinence Lasers and Endoscopy MRI Medical Graphics Implated Devices

  42. Association of Industrial Laser Users
    UK. Non-profit organization with focus on the British and international industrial laser community. Site topics include news, events, applications, technology, products, and services.

  43. Liquid Dynamics UK Ltd
    Pulsedoctor and shockdoctor technical services, PULSEVIEW and SHOCKVIEW diagnostics by software computer models or pressure diturbances. Input data requirement tabulators.

    Process engineering, process equipment, fluid mechanics.

  45. Robert Hooke
    Site devoted to the life and work of Robert Hooke, one of the leading scientists of 17th century England, and first Curator of Experiments at the Royal Society.

  46. BBC Online Sir Isaac Newton
    Detailed biography includes a look at Newton's early years and his developing interest in science.

  47. Computational Methods for Wave Propagation in Direct Scat...
    LMS Durham Symposium, UK 15--25 July 2002.

  48. University of Salford - Physics and Materials
    About the department, its degrees, staff, students and research.
    http://www.cse.salfo...s and Materials

  49. Loughborough University - Department of Physics
    Details of courses avaliable, research activities, news, seminars and student resources.

  50. Dynamics
    Includes course notes, handouts, problems with solutions and a FAQ.