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  1. Royal Spa Centre Review - Mr. Nice Gets The Joint Giggling
    Interview with UK pro-pot advocate Howard Marks.

  2. Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link
    Adverse drug reactions cannot be predicted. Reactions are often unrelated to the condition for which the medication was prescribed. Adverse reaction or withdrawal symptoms can resemble psychiatric illness.

  3. BBC - Mark Easton's UK Drugs debate hots up
    The blog of Mark Easton, the BBC's home editor

  4. How Cannabis was Criminalised Cannabis Information
    History of Cannabis - Cannabis first became illegal in the UK, and most of the rest of the world, on 28th September 1928 when the 1925 Dangerous Drugs Act came into force. There were no British domestic...

  5. Terminal Wing-Ding Club, The
    Links and references for aged and terminally ill members who wish to follow the example of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and others.
    Categories: Drugs
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  6. How marijuana impairs memory Science
    Marijuana's effects on memory are controlled by hitherto neglected brain cells called astrocytes

  7. Marijuana could be Barack Obama's secret weapon in this e...
    Douglas Haddow With support for legalisation polling at a record 50 , it may be time for the president to reassess his position on drugs policy

  8. BBC NEWS Programmes If If... Drugs Were Legal
    Would drug legalisation really reduce crime overall, and would it make recreational drug use any safer

  9. BBC - GCSE Bitesize Illegal drugs
    A secondary school revision resource for AQA GCSE Biology about medical drugs versus recreational drugs and illegal substances.

  10. BBC NEWS Health Illegal drugs 'common' on wards
    Use of illegal drugs appears to be common among patients in psychiatric hospitals, a BBC report finds.

  11. Drugs - Without the Hot Air - Blackwell's Bookshop Online
    Drugs - Without the Hot Air, David Nutt, Psychology and Psychiatry Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  12. BBC - Suffolk - People - A mental health timebomb
    A Suffolk substances rehabilitation charity says the 'war on drugs' cannot be won and we need to invest in services to beat addiction and overcome mental health problems. We also need to be more aware of the long-term effects of illegal drugs.

  13. Dope Girls The Birth of the British Drug Underground Amaz...
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  14. Illegal Drug Use - Issues - Health and Wellbeing - Indepe...
    Statistics show that illegal drug use in the UK is in decline. However, with an emerging trend in the use of so-called legal highs and ongoing controversy surrounding the laws which cover drug use, there remain many misconceptions about this topic. Illegal Drug Use explores current UK drug policy and trends, the effects of drug abuse and the rise in demand for compulsory drugs education in schools. The information comes from a wide range of sources and includes government reports and statistics, newspaper articles, features, magazine articles and surveys, literature from lobby groups and charitable organisations.