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  1. Are your MPs and Peers working for you...
    Making parliament easy.

  2. Website of the UK government Directgov
    Directgov - the official UK government website for citizens

  3. League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria Arena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold StarsArena Gold Stars
    League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria Report of the Head of the League of Arab States Observer Mission to Syria for the period from 24 December 2011 to 18 January 2012

  4. The Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork Financial Statements ...
    The Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork Financial Statements as of and for the Years Ended December 31, 2010 and 2009 and Independent Auditors' Repo

  5. The Other 99, Ustream.TV -Twitter- Timcast TheOther99 Thi...
    The Other 99, Ustream.TV -Twitter- Timcast TheOther99 This channel is being maintained by The Other 99. We continue to be a primary source from the ...

  6. Yohannes Riyadi's Billion Dollar Receipt 2006
    Yohannes Riyadi's Billion Dollar Receipt 2006

  7. Central Banking Publications
    Links to many central banks and other information about central banking.

  8. Imperial War Museum
    Information on artefacts and history of British and Commonwealth military forces.

  9. Wallis, Diana
    Liberal Democrat Euro-MP for Yorkshire and the Humber, UK.

  10. The Sceptic
    An independent British Eurosceptic site. Includes links, sovereignty articles, and links to the UK Independence Party.

  11. United Kingdom Debt Management Office
    Annual remit, quarterly calendars and other announcements.

  12. Action with Communities in Rural England
    A charity which supports sustainable rural community development and thus alleviates rural disadvantage in England. Includes information on current projects and events, plus related links.

  13. BBC News - Referendum Street
    A street in the UK is visited by pro and anti campaigners for monetary union - explore the issues surrounding the entry of the UK into the Euro

  14. Centre for European Reform CER
    A London-based think tank devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the future of the European Union, pro-European but not uncritical.

    Regulator of all providers of financial services in the UK Bank of England retains responsibility for systemic risk.

  16. Spy accuses FBI of making espionage easy
    Former counter-intelligence agent Robert Hanssen says that the FBI's lax internal security amounts to criminal negligence. The Guardian,679700,00.html

  17. Commonwealth Local Government Forum CLGF
    Promotes effective and democratic practices in local governments throughout the Commonwealth. News releases, conference and program information, events, and contact information available online.

  18. EU Food Law News
    Continuously updated, detailed explanations of almost all European Union Regulations, Directives and Decisions on food and agriculture. Produced by Reading University UK School of Food Biosciences.

  19. Campaign for an Independent Britain CIB
    Coalition group which seeks the UK's withdrawal from the EU, and specifically the repeal of the European Communities Act of 1972.

    UK research Institute on European Integration

  21. European Parliament United Kingdom Office
    News, MEPs, elections, and other facts about the UK's delegation, as well as a guide to the EP and information about the office.

  22. BBC News Europe
    Audio and video clips available.

  23. United Kingdom - Bank of England
    The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street. Site has publications including the semi-annual Practical Issues Arising From the Euro, minutes of monthly monetary-policy meetings, weekly Bank Return, and other press releases.

  24. London International Model United Nations
    Conference organized by the University of London.

  25. Scottish Parliament
    Official site with information on MSP's, history, buildings and current business.

  26. Euro facts
    The British Broadcast Corporation BBC official site on the Euro .Extensive list of links. Discussion on euroland with links to maps. A lot of useful links including links to groups sites which do not support the direction the EU is going.

  27. Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom
    Central corporate site of the UK Ministry of Defence. Provides information on the UK's armed forces and the Ministry, obtaining service records, policy documents and Defence news.

  28. United Kingdom - HM Treasury
    Her Majesty's Treasury aims to raise the rate of sustainable growth, and achieve rising prosperity, through creating economic and employment opportunities for all.

  29. Commonwealth Broadcasting Association
    Includes news, awards, training opportunities, contacts, and links.

  30. London Europe Society
    Information from a society that aims to spread knowledge and understanding of the European Union.

  31. British Forces Post Office
    British Forces Post Office

  32. United Kingdom
    United Kingdom

  33. Journal of European Public Policy
    Abstracts and table of contents of a journal which seeks to integrate theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of public policy in Europe as a whole.

  34. Association of Commonwealth Universities ACU
    Advances international co-operation and understanding in higher education in Commonwealth nations. Site describes services, facilities, publications, and awards and scholarships.

  35. United Kingdom
    Parliament House of Commons and House of Lords.

  36. Ames Too Many Weaknesses
    Psychological assessment of American spy Aldrich Ames.
    Categories: Spies
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  37. Common Declaration on EU Governance
    A common declaration about reform of the EU produced by a network of European regions. 27 March 2002 .

  38. Citation of Legal Authorities
    From the Oxford University Law Faculty. Includes recommended citation formats for both UK and EU legal authorities.

  39. Companies House
    Registration and provision of company information.

  40. Action for UN Renewal
    Action and information page for this organization that seeks to return the United Nations to its roots in child advocacy.

  41. BBC Online The Commonwealth
    Current facts about the Commonwealth includes history, leaders, member countries, chronology and current issues.

  42. Guardian Unlimited Special Report European Union
    Ongoing coverage with news, comment and analysis about the European Union itself and its issues, policies and future. Includes links to official documents, European government and media sites.

  43. Guardian Unlimited Sergio Vieira de Mello
    A portrait of the UN special representative in Iraq who was killed in an attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad.,00.html

  44. Assembly - Northern Ireland
    The New Northern Ireland Assembly was established as part of the Belfast Agreement reached at the multi-party negotiations on Friday 10 April, now commonly referred to as the 'Good Friday Agreement'. This site provides information on the structure and function of the Assembly.

  45. Health and Social Care Business Services Organisation - B...
    Health and Social Care Business Services Organisation - GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT

  46. ISBN list e3b9d725
    Find and price compare new and used books from 60 stores, including textbooks and international titles.

  47. Stuck in Middle Gear - Blackwell's Bookshop Online
    Stuck in Middle Gear, Ian Taylor, Business and Economics Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  48. Prophecy in the news
    How current events in the news are fulfilling Biblical Prophecy today

  49. Government Finance Statistics Yearbook v.28 - Blackwell's...
    Government Finance Statistics Yearbook v.28 , , Business and Economics Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop

  50. Conflict Prevention from Rhetoric to Reality v. 1 - Black...
    Conflict Prevention from Rhetoric to Reality v. 1 , Carment, David., Politics Books - Blackwell Online Bookshop