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  1. Cornwall Environmental Consultants Ecology Surveys and La...
    Ecologists who provide all your wildlife and ecological surveys and assessments. Landscape Architects providing all landscape architecture services.

  2. Philip Dunbavin Acoustics Ltd Sound Testing
    Acoustic Consultants experts in building acoustics, noise modelling theatre design, environmental noise, industrial noise, registered expert witness and single joint expert, sound testing, noise measurement.

  3. Waste Compactors from Kelpack Ltd, Sheffield
    Kelpack manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality waste compactors including static waste compactors and portable waste compactors.

  4. www.pakawaste.co.uk
    U. K. based manufacturer of refuse compactors and associated waste handling equipment.

  5. www.nwpumpandvalve.co.uk
    Supplier of pumps and valves and all associated equipment for markets including waste water and water supply, nuclear, marine, paper and chemicals.

  6. IT Trading UK Limited
    UK company buying excess, surplus or redundant PC's, laptops, printers, monitors, servers, notebooks, and computers. IT clearance specialists, offering UK nationwide collections, charity donation schemes, data removal, and certified recycling.

  7. www.penmann.co.uk
    Design engineering company based in West Yorkshire, UK. Specialising in product and process cooling systems, refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and extraction systems.

  8. www.wamitab.org.uk
    Information on training and qualifications in waste management, including waste collection, landfill, treatment and transfer of wastes.

  9. Humidifier parts
    TDK transducers and driver circuits for ultrasonic humidifiers using parts NB59S and TU-20A.

  10. www.clare-taylor-consulting.co.uk
    Offers advice and consultancy to printers wishing to implement environmental management systems, and to specifiers wishing to include environmental criteria in their specifications and their supply chain assessment.

  11. www.fjchurch.co.uk
    Importers and exporters of all grades of non-ferrous and precious metals.

  12. H.J. Enthoven and Sons
    Offers lead-acid battery recycling services and the sale of associated products.

  13. www.paper-round.co.uk
    Offers recycling of office paper, and laser printer and ink-jet cartridges as well as providing shredding services.

  14. www.interflow.co.uk
    Interflow UK are the UK distributors for Gif and Doyma. Interflow UK are also the manufacturers of Inflo stainless steel in-floor drainage and architectural fittings.

  15. ETaC Environmental Training and Consultancy Ltd
    Offers EMS and related environmental training courses in the UK.

  16. Cirrus Research plc
    Manufacture acoustic measurement instrumentation, such as sound level meters, environmental noise monitoring equipment and airport noise monitoring systems.

  17. www.flametec.co.uk
    A supplier of Ex rated, rig safe and added safety products for safe operating systems used in hazardous areas offshore and in petrochem facilities and heat exchangers and exhaust gas coolers in CHP applications.

  18. Mercury Recycling Limited
    UK-based recycling company specialising in fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps and various forms of mercury bearing waste, including thermometers, strip lighting, dental amalgam and button cell batteries.

  19. Phi Group Ltd
    Offers earth retention, environmental barriers and ground engineering services.

  20. www.kew-environment.co.uk
    Environmental consultancy and training in East Anglia, UK.

  21. Mormet Alloys Ltd, UK
    Scrap metal recyclers and merchants specialising in nickel alloys, tungsten bearing alloys stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals.

  22. www.eklein.co.uk
    Recyclers of nylon plastic lumps, extrusion waste, yarn waste, flakes, and substandard polymers.

  23. JBR Recovery Ltd
    Silver recovery specialists, dealing in photographic waste recycling, incineration, smelting and precious metal recovery.

  24. Systematic Servicing Co.
    Suppliers of all types of waste equipment and services. Rental of all types of equipment. Service center for Maclift Telehoist Haller. UK.

  25. www.zero-2-land.ndo.co.uk
    Offers information on composting, recycling and worm composting, and sells products such as wheelie bins, vermiculture bins, can crushers, and paper refuse sacks.

  26. www.tonyteam.co.uk
    U. K. based manufacturer of waste compaction and recyling equipment - bag and bin compactors, balers, glass and cancrushers, waste management advice and 24 hr national service back up.

  27. www.curtistech.co.uk
    High Performance DSP specialists providing compact, modular solutions for Radar, Sonar and other DSP applications.

  28. Clapham-Archer Consultant Engineers
    Specialising in dust, fume and acoustic control for new and existing processes. Services include design and detail drawing and on-site inspection and testing.

  29. www.jmcintyre.co.uk
    Manufacturers of aluminium dross processing systems and metal recycling equipment shears, balers, cable and can recyclers, drum crushers, grabs, furnaces , including the Tardis dross pressing and cooling system.

  30. www.multi-filter.co.uk
    Specializes in the supply of all types of industrial filtration and separation, from air conditioning and dust control through to fluids, hydraulics, process and compressed air.

  31. Middleton Engineering
    Information about waste recycling products including balers, shredders, conveyors, compactors, weighbridges and special fabrications. Includes information about design, servicing and spares.

  32. Cullum Detuners Limited
    A multi-disciplined company offering noise control solutions to the aerospace, power generation and oil and gas industries.

  33. www.wyvernwaste.co.uk
    Offers waste management services through landfills, site management, transport, and recycling. Located in the United Kingdom.

  34. www.recycledpaper.org.uk
    Trade association representing recycling and recovery of paper.

  35. IT Trading Company Ltd.
    Provides recycling services for surplus and redundant IT equipment.

  36. www.wastecycle.co.uk
    Services include recycling, skip hire, wood waste and waste reduction and minimization. Features on-line waste savings calculator.

  37. Kenburn Waste Management Ltd
    UK. Distributor of waste compactors and balers for waste reduction and recycling.

  38. RD Trading Ltd
    Provides computer disposal services and takes redundant informational technology either reselling it to generate revenue or recycling it in compliance with all UK and European legislation.

  39. SHE Associated Ltd
    Environmental professionals with experience in a wide and diverse range of industry sectors.

  40. Acoustic Associates
    Consultancy service for the solution of noise and vibration problems.

  41. Compactors Direct Ltd
    UK. Supplier of large and small compactors for waste management and recycling.

  42. International Management Systems Marketing
    Assists companies in achieving ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certification in the US and UK.

  43. Falko's Jewellers
    Recycles scrap gold from used or damaged jewellery.

  44. Castle Group Ltd
    Manufacturer and supplier of sound level meters and vibration meters. Sales, rental, training, calibration and consultancy services available.

  45. Whale Tankers
    Manufacturer of liquid waste tankers, specialist vehicles, jetting equipment, winter maintenance, effluent handling, gully emptying, gritters and street cleaning vehicles.

  46. Ayles Fernie
    UK. Manufacturers of marine and aircraft dispersant spray systems and supplier of oil spill response equipment. Includes news and company information.

  47. Computer Components Ltd
    UK. Provides a secure recycling facility for all electronic equipment, including PC's, monitors, printers, mobile phones, PCB's, cables and plastics.

  48. West Country Engineering
    UK. Offers waste compactors and bailers for purchase or rental. Includes details of services and contact information.

  49. Solutex
    Recycling systems for waste acids, solvents and water.

  50. Caledonian Ferguson Timpson
    Specialists in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of industrial noise reduction equipment, including acoustic enclosures, noise absorbers, noise havens, acoustic doors and integrated ventilation systems.