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Gap Years

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  1. Gap Year with Project Trust
    A gap year organisation that sends school leavers abroad for a years voluntary work in many different developing countries around the world, in Latin America, Africa, Far and Middle East. Lists a bulletin board, photographs, competitions, what's new and contact details.

  2. Outreach International
    Gap year projects in Mexico of 3 - 9 months duration in the areas of conservation, teaching, social work and the arts.

  3. Year in Industry
    Offers students the opportunity to work in engineering or manufacturing for a year.

  4. Frontier Projects
    Offers a variety of conservation projects and expeditions.

  5. World Service Enquiry
    Information and advice about working overseas and at home for peace, justice and development. Includes subscription details to their newsletter of opportunities salaried and volunteer .

  6. Africa and Asia Venture
    Places young people on schemes teaching in primary and secondary schools in Asia or Africa.

  7. Gap Year Jobs
    Directory of employment opportunities particularly suitable for students taking a gap year.

  8. Payaway
    News, features and listings for finding paid and voluntary seasonal jobs abroad, including tourism, childcare, camp, kibbutz and winter jobs.

  9. Travellers gap year and voluntary placements abroad
    Provides placements for gap year and other volunteers teaching conversational English, music, sports and computers.

  10. BBC News
    Talking Point - Are gap years a waste of time - Discussion on the pro's and con's of gap years.

  11. BBC News
    More students opt for 'gap year' - Students are increasingly taking a gap year before beginning university, say admissions authorities.

  12. i-to-i
    Volunteer placements in 14 countries from 2 weeks to 6 months for all ages. TEFL courses for teacher-traveller.

  13. Coral Cay Conservation
    Environmental projects in the Caribbean.

  14. Council Exchanges UK
    Offers a selection of programmes for young people, university students, graduates and professionals.

  15. Challenge Discovery and Educational Services Ltd
    Providing educational exchanges and offers an academic year in the USA programme as a unique 'Gap Year' opportunity for students aged 15 to 18. Lists brochure request and contact details.

  16. GapYear.Com
    A gap year information site.

  17. World Challenge Expeditions
    Offers a variety of expeditions to Australia, Nepal and Zanzibar among other places.

  18. BUNAC Working Adventures Worldwide
    Helping people go abroad on working holidays or gap years.

  19. Lattitude Global Volunteering
    Offers a choice of voluntary work placements in over 30 countries for your gap year. Includes details of destinations, costs, fund-raising and applying together with current vacancies and news.

  20. Gapwork Ltd
    Offers information and advice on working and volunteering abroad, flights, accommodation, insurance and visas.

  21. Charitable Trusts that fund gap years education. - The St...
    Charitable Trusts that fund gap years education. discussion on The Student Room's Gap Years forum

  22. Voluntary Work Information Service
    Information on volunteer work opportunities in over 150 countries worldwide in the environmental and humanitarian sectors.

  23. Safetrek
    Offers safety awareness and personal security training for young adults undertaking gap year activities and university education. Includes profile, personnel, FAQ, courses, booking form and location.

  24. Gap years a lesson in life - Telegraph
    Today's students are using travel as an education in itself.

  25. The Year Out Group
    Information for year out or gap year and supported by UCAS and DfEE. Lists student guidelines, providers, advisor information and contact details.

  26. Volunteer Africa
    Directory and information on voluntary and gap-year projects in Africa.

  27. Go Gap
    Guide for anyone thinking of using a GAP year to travel. Details the adventures of four students as they carried out budget travels around the world. Messages boards and country guides.

  28. What is a Gap Year
    Many people remain confused about gap years. This article provides information on the most common gap year options, including travel, work experience and voluntary work, and offers advice on getting started planning your gap year.

  29. Why gap years are vital... especially for the mollycoddle...
    In the coming weeks hundreds of British school leavers will embark on their gap year travels.

  30. Teaching at an American Summer Camp - Great Gap Years
    Teaching at an American summer camp is a great way for a gap year traveller to journey abroad, hone his or her skills and make some money and memories at the same time.

  31. Travel organisations Student Book - One-stop guide to uni...
    Looking for the right university course Get head start with Student Book. Universities and college profiles, students life, bursaries and fees,...

  32. Mind the gap why student year out may do more harm than g...
    In five years the gap year has metamorphosed from a radical activity into an obligation that must be fulfilled by ambitious future professionals. It has spawned in the process a lucrative commercial market

  33. gap years and volunteer travel opportunities
    gap years, volunteer service and year out work

  34. Gap Year Organisations and Gap Projects Abroad
    Directory of voluntary organisations and information about working overseas on a year out or gap year project including volunteering projects

  35. Parents warn of gap-year perils Education The Observer
    Calls are made for more checks on specialist companies after the death of a 17-year-old

  36. Writing a Psychology Personal Statement - The Student Room
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  37. Education degree - The Student Room
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  38. Gap years and long summers Student Book - One-stop guide ...
    Looking for the right university course Get head start with Student Book. Universities and college profiles, students life, bursaries and fees,...

  39. Gap Year and Your Education
    Taking a gap year may put off formal education for a little while, but it also offers students the chance to proceed with their informal education.

  40. The Gap Year cult it's completely overblown - Telegraph
    I try and take an interest when sixth-formers tell me of their exciting Gap Yah plans but it rsquo s becoming hard to stifle a yawn, says Boarding School Beak.

  41. Gap years Education The Guardian
    Latest news and comment on Gap years from

  42. Why have a gap year Education Education Guardian
    Heli-skiing in New Zealand, digging ditches in Africa, debauchery in south-east Asia surely gap years could be used for something more educational, says John Sutherland.

  43. Adult Social Care Apprenticeships with Skills for Care - ...
    If you want a career where you can progress, feel secure, and get an enormous sense of personal achievement from knowing you are helping other people, then adult social care is for you. An Apprenticeship is a great way to get in the sector and gain nationally recognised qualifications.

  44. Gap years 'dying out' as students scramble for jobs - Tel...
    Traditional gap years are dying out as record numbers of students prioritise the search for graduate jobs during the recession, according to research.

  45. Graduates postpone job hunt as gap years take off News Ti...
    Poor career prospects fuel rise in US university leavers seeking funemployment

  46. BBC News EDUCATION More students opt for 'gap year'
    Students are increasingly taking a gap year before beginning university, say admissions authorities.

  47. Personal statement advice social work - Which University
    Writing a personal statement for social work We asked social work admissions tutors what they're looking for over and above those all-important people skills...

  48. Don't Tell Mum Hair-raising Messages Home from Gap-year T...
    Buy Don't Tell Mum Hair-raising Messages Home from Gap-year Travellers by Simon Hoggart, Emily Monk ISBN 9781843545729 from Amazon's Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders.

  49. How do universities view gap years - Which University
    Most universities and colleges welcome applications from students who have taken, or who are thinking of taking, a gap year - here are your options when applying.

  50. Personal Statement History 16 - The Student Room
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