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  1. Hash Direct
    A resource for information, discussion, news and facts about cannabis, marijuana, hemp, and seed banks.

  2. Legalise
    The site for a British campaign for the legalisation of cannabis.

  3. Legalise Drugs
    Advocates legalization, while not being pro-drug. Position statement and ways to contribute.

  4. Scotland Against Drugs
    A campaign against drugs in Scotland backed by the Scottish office and political leaders.

  5. Scottish Drugs Forum
    A partnership trying to combat the problems of drugs in Scotland.

  6. The De Quincey Academy
    Group of researchers, based outide the formal education system, and studying the history and culture of illicit drug use from a critical perspective. Site includes a narcological timeline and an overview of the research in progress.

  7. Transform
    Independent organisation campaigning for a just and effective drug policy.