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  1. Ethical Consumer
    Tips on ethical buying, consumer reports on a wide range of goods, information on UK and worldwide boycotts. Publishes Ethical Consumer magazine and the Corporate Critic database.

  2. Register Bonsai Kitten craze sweeps online world
    Hardly a week goes by without computer games being blamed for turning people into psychopathic killers, so it was strangely reassuring to see some of these dangerous maniacs up in arms over the spoof Bonsai Kitten web site. By Andrew Smith.

  3. Guardian Poet Attempts the Ultimate in Self-invention - P...
    A poet and casino waitress from Bristol, angered at the mass patenting of human genes by science and big business, is trying to become the first person to patent herself. By James Meek.,191908,00.html

  4. Urban 75
    UK underground e-zine with reports and stories on eco-protest, rave, drugs and soccer.

  5. Campaign Against Arms Trade
    Campaigns for the reduction and ultimate abolition of the international arms trade and the UK's role in it as a leading arms exporter. News, reports, information, newsletter, events diary, and suggestions for activism.

  6. National Energy Foundation
    Organisation striving to improve our environment through energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy accreditation. Information about the foundation and their projects can be found along with energy saving advice and contact details.

  7. Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament UK
    Campaigns non-violently to rid the world of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and to create genuine security for future generations.

  8. Friends of the Earth UK
    FOE UK. Provide information on campaigns.

  9. Freecycle
    Matches people who have things they want to get rid of with people who can use them, keeping usable items out of landfills. Local group search, explanation and etiquette.

  10. Rare Breeds Survival Trust RBST
    Founded in 1973 to conserve Britain's native livestock heritage. Provides official summary of the annual RBST Watchlist with over 70 rare UK breeds, including cattle, goats, horses, pigs, poultry and sheep.

    UK based campaign where cars, pedestrians and bicycles interact in a positive way, shifting road use priority from cars.

  12. York Against the War
    Local affiliate of the National Coalition to Stop the War organises and participates in actions and has a stall each week in Sampsons Square. News, reports and photos of past actions, upcoming events, resources, and e-mail lists.

  13. Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts
    Charity dedicated to the protection of nature offers information about species and habitats, articles and news items, an events directory, volunteer opportunities, and details of campaigns and appeals.

  14. Reclaim the bases
    A weekend April 5-6, 2003 of protest, nonviolent action, and civil disobedience at military bases throughout the UK. Background, planned events, organisers and contacts, forum, resources, and news from the bases.

  15. Peace Not War
    Provides lyrics and audio from CD of anti-war songs by various artists. Includes anti-war art, peace group search engine, musicians' statements, and information on where to buy the compilation CD.

  16. The Committee For The Paddock
    Group working to protect an area of wild countryside known as The Paddock from becoming swallowed up by development. Information about the area, and the funding needed to purchase and conserve it.

    Information on the UK climate movement, subscription details for the newsletter, materials and resources, critiques of carbon trading and a directory of climate skeptics .

  18. The Battle for Lyminge Forest
    Opposition to the Rank Organisation's plans to build a holiday town for over 4,000 people in Lyminge Forest's West Wood in Kent. What is said to be wrong with the idea and what the organisation is doing about it

  19. US Firm Offers Stars DNA Copyright
    A US corporation is trying to persuade famous individuals to copyright their DNA. BBC News

  20. Initiatives of Change UK
    Branch of an international network of people working for reconciliation and justice, locally and globally, starting with change in their own lives. Formerly known as MRA. Includes news, articles, contact information, and links to related sites.

  21. Yorkshire CND
    Campaigns locally and provides information on peace and nuclear issues. Events diary, ways to become involved, news, and resources.

  22. Media Education
    About the organization, vision, portfolio, forum, projects, current news and contact information.

  23. Eco-action
    Articles and background information for ecological direct action. UK and global news, links and contacts.

  24. Foundation for Peace
    Campaign of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Trust working to develop in young people a better understanding of the nature and causes of conflict and equip them with peace building skills. Mission, programs, ways to become involved.

  25. Register Bonsai Kitten craze sweeps online world
    Hardly a week goes by without computer games being blamed for turning people into psychopathic killers, so it was strangely reassuring to see some of these dangerous maniacs up in arms over the spoof Bonsai Kitten web site. By Andrew Smith.

  26. Reclaim the Law
    Discussing jury nullification in the United Kingdom.

  27. European Cetacean Bycatch Campaign
    Campaign to stop the deaths of dolphins, porpoises and whales due to entanglement in fishing nets and lines.

  28. Register FBI goes Bonsai Kitten hunting
    The FBI is reported to be investigating, the spoof Web site which has got animal lovers and anti-cruelty campaigners in uproar. By Andrew Smith.

  29. Christian Ecology Link
    UK organisation for Christians concerned about care of the environment. Includes CEL's Millennium Certificate, current events information, resources and prayer guide.

  30. Vegan Organic Network
    Concerned with ethical cultivation and social justice. Advice on chemical and manure free farming, forest gardens and compost toilets.

  31. Lakenheath Action Group
    Campaign to remove American nuclear weapons from Britain

  32. Quaker Green Action
    A network of the Society of Friends, exploring and promoting awareness of the need for a green lifestyle. Includes background information, news, events, resources, and contacts.

  33. Council for the Protection of Rural England
    Exists to promote the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country.

  34. Youth and Student Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    Section of CND which unites young people and students of all ages in the campaign for nuclear disarmament and other peace activism. Information on current campaigns, diary of past events, activism resources, and upcoming events.

  35. Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service
    Local community development and networking agency. Activities, funding opportunities, groups and organisations.

  36. A Guerilla Art Attack Hits Stockholm
    Reprint of Rasmus Malm's Adbusters article. Vanguard Online

  37. Nottingham Student Peace Movement
    Anti-war, pro-peace organisation made up of students at the University of Nottingham. Includes events, photos, list of books for loan, newsletter, and contact information.

  38. Earth First Action Reports
    A network of ecological direct action groups information about events and actions, publications, and links to related organisations and campaigns.

  39. Movement for the Abolition of War
    Building a civil society movement for the abolition of war by challenging popular thinking about the acceptability of war and raising awareness of constructive alternatives. Includes events calendar, reasons to abolish war, resources, and membership form.

  40. The Churchill Bust
    A campaign for the return of the Jacob Epstein bust of Winston Churchill, loaned by Tony Blair to George Bush.

    Anti-war news, events calendar, media alerts, gallery, and links.

  42. Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    London-based group of Christians witnessing on the basis of their faith against nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, while also positively campaigning for peace. Press releases, event calendar, FAQ, and membership information.

  43. Stop Climate Chaos
    A coalition of environment and development groups, faith groups, humanitarian organisations, women s groups, and trade unions campaigning to stop climate chaos. Information about events, activities, news, and volunteer opportunities.

  44. Justice Not Vengeance
    Anti-war group which developed out of ARROW Active Resistance to the Roots of War . JNV opposes the US-UK 'war on terrorism', and campaigns for a peaceful resolution of international conflicts, based on justice and equality. Briefings, event and action diaries, newsletter, and mailing list.

  45. Kingston Peace Council Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
    Local peace and nuclear disarmament group working in the Kingston-upon-Thames area of South West London. Newsletter, forthcoming events, and articles.

  46. The Lipman Miliband Trust
    Provides grants to individuals and organizations, primarily in the UK, for cultural and educational activities relating to social issues, democratic participation, and peace. They list grantees, provide application guidelines, and discuss the history of the organization.

  47. AntiMicrosoft UK
    Anti-Microsoft logo program, campaign for ISPs and retailers, Microsoft boycott list, and a Microsoft complaint form.

  48. Earth Rights
    Provides legal advice and assistance to environmental campaigners. Public interest law firm and environmental charity.

  49. Worthing says NO to TETRA
    Run by Worthing residents protesting against the installation of Tetra police communications by O2 Airwave on grounds of health risk, cost and technical capacity.

  50. Flying Fish
    Provides links to alternative news and media for stories not covered in the mainstream press.